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Are AP Courses Worth It?

Everyone these days seems to be talking about taking AP or IB courses in the coming semester or school year. The heavier class load can reward a higher GPA due to the weighted class, but isn't it the same material as normal classes? What are they, are they really worth it? We're here to break down all the questions you might be having about these classes, and give our opinion on the matter!

What are AP/IB courses?

AP and IB courses are often considered harder classes than regular ones. They allow high schoolers a way to earn college credit, but are two different programs, each offering different pros and cons. Some schools offer both programs, but taking both is not always advisable due to the strain in course load.

AP Courses

AP, or advanced placement, are college-level classes taken in high school. A test must be passed at the end of the year that encompasses the knowledge learned, and passing can mean less college classes need to be taken once in college. The tests cost $98 each, so taking multiple in a school year can get expensive. College Board does offer a wavier that makes the tests cheaper.

There are a wide array of AP classes to take, many of which can be applied to a specific major in college that can save you from paying for another class in the future.

IB Courses

IB stands for the International Baccalaureate, which is a program that helps foster critical thinking skills while helping students learn leadership qualities early on. There are three different course options available to students during their time in high school. IB courses function more like another schooling option, in addition to your current class load. They include assessments and exams, extra studying, and more in-depth knowledge to certain core subjects.

IB courses aren't to be taken lightly, however by completing the work students gain a more well rounded and accelerated learning experience.

Should I take them?

Absolutely! If AP or IB courses are available to you, these courses show admissions your commitment to your education as well as your academic rigor, essentially meaning you can challenge yourself and succeed. This is what college admissions look for in their students, and these classes help prepare students for higher education.


Did this help you in choosing a course load? Our consultants are always looking to help students get the best possible college acceptances they can. And we have a junior package too. Contact us to get started on building your course list that can help accelerate you into the college of your dreams!

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