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Are the SAT and ACT Worth Taking?

Updated: Apr 3

The SAT and ACT have been out for years, but with several colleges reversing their decisions to make these standardized tests optional, the question remains: are they even worth taking anymore?


While UC campuses and the majority of Ivy League schools leaving the SAT and ACT as an optional addition to an application, we recommend students to still take these tests. Why? There are lots of scholarship opportunities for those who have taken the tests, but aren't available for those who haven't taken them.

The Breakdown:



Score is out of 1600.

Score is out of 36.

Includes a no calculator section.

Calculator allowed for the whole test.

No dedicated science section, just math and English.

Section dedicated to science in addition to math and English.

More total time per question and shorter overall time.

Less time per question, but more is covered.

No extra essay.

Optional extra essay to highlight writing skills.


Did this help you in deciding on whether or not to take the SAT and ACT? Our consultants are always looking to help students get the best possible college acceptances they can. And we have a junior package too. Contact us to get started on building your course list that can help accelerate you into the college of your dreams!

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