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Early Admission to Northeastern University

See how one student successfully was accepted into a university with only a 9% acceptance rate.

Salvador is a student with big goals, but didn't know where to start with the college application process. He found out about Dr. Tran College Consulting through a friend, and set up an appointment to see what could be done to help him take the next step to his goals.

The schools Salvador was looking to apply to were Holt, UMass, Northeastern, UC Berkeley, NYU and more. Upon meeting with Dr. Tran, he says that "from the first meeting, he told me I could be in these schools." Salvador had lots of ambition, and upon seeing Northeastern University in person, knew he would do whatever it took to get there.

Salvador was an amazing student all around, but what he needed help with was motivation. He says that "Dr. Tran pushed me to do my essays and complete the common app. If I didn't work with Dr. Tran my story would be a lot different." With the encouragement and guidance provided, Salvador not only applied to all these schools, but was accepted to Pepperdine, UMass, and received early admission to Northeastern University, a school with only a 9% acceptance rate.

Salvador had a lot of aspirations, and our services were able to provide him with the finalized pathway to his goals. And he went above and beyond in achieving them! Congratulations Salvador!

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