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Scholarships for the Month of March

March is almost here, which means admissions emails will be sent out before you know it! Getting ahead with scholarships is one way to stay productive during this waiting season, and helps you stay on top of financials.

Scholarships can be a pain to apply for, especially with the hundreds of different websites and endless scholarship options, it can easily be overwhelming to figure out where to start. Luckily, we're here to cover some different scholarship options for you to apply for to help you get started.

Before we dive into it, if you haven't seen our previous Instagram post regarding some fantastic scholarship websites to start your search, that is another great resource to utilize! Now, onto the scholarships!

Sports Scholarships

There are countless scholarships for being a student athlete. These usually have a GPA requirement and a short essay requesting you to explain your passion behind your sport, what it's taught you, and its role in your life. Some examples are listed below!

Music Scholarships

If you play an instrument and looking to go into college to continue it, there's more scholarships than you might think available to you! Music scholarships typically relate to a specific instrument, or require you to be going to school for music. Which unfortunately means extracurricular music will not count for these. Here are some examples below for music scholarships!

Academic Scholarships

These come in many different requirements, and this broad topic is too much to delve deep into in one post. However, academic scholarships are one of the most popular scholarships students look for. With different GPA requirements, fields of study, and countless other differentiations, academic scholarships are a great way to get into applying! Consider looking into ones pertaining to the schools you're applying to, or ones around your local town or high school!


Did this help you in choosing a course load? Our consultants are always looking to help students get the best possible college acceptances they can. We dive deep with you into different scholarship opportunities, and how to make sure you not only get into the schools you're after, but make them feasible as well. Click below to set up a meeting!

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