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What is Academic Rigor?

Academic rigor seems like such an intimidating phrase that only the best of the best achieve. But in reality, it's something every student can attain with discipline and hard work. Let's break down Academic rigor and what it can mean for college admissions.


What is Academic Rigor?

Academic rigor can be defined as the intensity with which a student works themself while in school. This shows itself in taking harder classes, managing high grades, and committing oneself to learning. Academic rigor is something college admissions pays attention to, so if your school offers weighted classes such as IB or AP programs, these are great ways to show colleges you have academic rigor. Even better is gaining a high grade in these classes, as well as your others too.

Academic rigor is only pertaining to classes, not extracurriculars. But that doesn't mean to focus solely on this and not anything else, because admissions does look for well rounded students. Academics is only one aspect that admissions looks at when considering a student to be admitted as a part of their upcoming student body.

Why is Academic Rigor Important?

Academic rigor is considered extremely important for those seeking competitive colleges. The reason being is because admissions pays close attention to the kinds of classes a student takes, as well as the grades they have received. Students will be academically challenged in college, and admissions likes seeing students take on this challenge early and succeeding. It proves to admissions that the student can handle and succeed under academic pressure, and will contribute to the continued success of the college. The more competitive the admissions rate is, likely the more closely admissions of that college will be paying attention to ones academic rigor.


Did this help you understand what academic rigor is? Our consultants are always looking to help students get the best possible college acceptances they can. And we have a junior package too. Contact us to get started on building your college resume in a way that can help accelerate you into the college of your dreams!

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