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What to expect in an admissions interview?

Admissions interviews can be daunting, but are often one of the most exciting parts of the college application experience. The opportunity to discuss your future in person with a member of the school can make the difference in being admitted! Let's go over some ways to ace the admissions interview:

Be prepared for questions. This may seem obvious, but actually practice answering questions regarding your background, academic interests, extracurricular activities, and reasons for attending. These will all be asked during the interview, and while it can seem easy to come up with an answer (after all, the questions are about you!), having prepared answered helps you appear more concise, can help decrease nerves, and can help you think of answers you might not have considered on the spot! Don't forget to ask questions too. Asking questions shows your interest in the conversation and school.

Arrive early. This can go a long way to showing diligence and time management. It makes a statement to the admissions team as well. Planning to arrive early can also be beneficial if there's traffic, or if you need to find a specific room.

Dress appropriately. How you dress will be noticed by those interviewing you. Wear clothing that you would wear to a formal job interview, which is to say jeans, sandals, sneakers, and hoodies are not your go-to here. Wear close-toed shoes, heels, a dress, slacks, or a button-up shirt.

Research the school. Doing research on where you might be attending can help you come up with questions to ask, and give you some leverage during your interview. Admissions will be impressed that you did your due diligence.

Admissions interviews can be nerve wracking, but ultimately are a great way to further your connections with the school and give you another opportunity to make an impression! Good luck to all!

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