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Junior Package

January 2024 - July 2024

With this package, students will work with Dr. Tran for 6 months preparing for college admissions. During this time Dr. Tran will focus on certain tasks to help students build a good foundation for beginning their applications senior year.

How it works:

  • After students hire Dr. Tran the student will begin creating their admission plan with customized steps to help each student build a strong foundation to begin their applications senior year

  • Students will meet with Dr. Tran weekly by virtual meeting to make sure students are on track completing their plan tasks and to ask any questions they may have

  • Once June comes, students will have the opportunity to continue with Dr. Tran and his senior package to finish creating a winning application to their dream schools.


Dr. Tran will have students focus on:

  • A Start-to-Finish Plan

    • Dr. Tran wants to see great students succeed and works to create a comprehensive plan that incorporates all the building blocks for a successful admissions process. The Junior Package forms the foundation for the Senior Package, which benefits greatly from planning ahead.

  • SAT/ ACT Prep

    • As part of DTCC, we have our own comprehensive SAT/ ACT prep course that students will be given full access to in order to perform well on these exams.

  • Academic planning

    • Top Universities are looking for students who have shown high achievement despite taking difficult courses. Planning your class schedule and extra-curriculars to show academic rigor while balancing your interests is a crucial step in the admissions process.

  • Leadership Experience

    • Beyond your GPA, schools are looking for students who demonstrate leadership qualities. As a result, planning for and seeking opportunities to present these skills to an admissions committee is key. Dr. Tran will help students plan for and begin pursuing the right kind of extra-curricular activities to help impress an admissions team while aligning with the student’s interest.

  •  Resume Creation

    • Once students have a plan to continue building their education and extra-curricular involvements Dr. Tran will help students craft a resume that will share each student’s unique story and highlight their strengths

Dr. Tran's Admissions Approach

After 20 years as a college expert for Ivy League colleges and top-tier universities admissions, Dr. Tran has developed a winning approach to college applications that has helped countless students achieve their dreams. It involves two steps:

  • Resume-building

  • Storytelling



To be competitive in college admissions, students must demonstrate academic rigor, intellectual vitality, and community leadership. To do this, students must actively participate and take advantage of the right opportunities. By being proactive and intentional with these three elements, students will develop the right experiences to be presented in their applications. The process of collecting these experiences is called Resume-building.



Once students develop an array of competencies and experiences, it comes time to build them into the elements of the application. Simply having a laundry list of achievements will not win over an admissions team. All the students applying to the world's top universities have great qualities, so it comes down to the presentation of those qualities that makes the difference to an admissions committee. This makes the creation of each element of the application vitally important so as to share the best picture possible. Learning what to focus on and what to leave out is tricky. That is why choosing a certain focus to present to the admissions committee is essential. In this way, students can weave each respective element of their application to highlight certain aspects of themselves in an easy and impressive way for an admissions teams to understand. 

Why it Works

To do this, Dr. Tran guides students in taking a step back from their list of achievements and helps them to discern the bigger picture of their life. He does this by using a story framework, directing students to identify who they are. By intentionally examining their strengths, motivations, goals, and defining characteristics, students are able to determine the right attributes to highlight and how. This process ultimately reveals each student’s unique narrative by which to form their application so that they can craft it based on what sets them apart. Then, the admissions teams will see just how incredible each student really is because who they are and why is amazingly clear.

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