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DTCC Student Leyla J. Accepted to Columbia

Leyla is an extremely bright individual who had some challenges to overcome in the admissions process. She wanted to attend Columbia but thought the college was "out of my reach due to my average GPA with a few B's and C's." When Leyla met Dr. Tran, he helped her see that her dream college was still attainable, and they got to work on making it reality.

Leyla had two main challenges. The first was figuring out a way to emphasize with her unique background and ethnicity. Because Leyla's grades wern't as competitive, she was going to be relying heavily on her essays and the interview. Her second challenge was learning what to expect in the interviews, and her final challenge was including her passions in her writing: special education and disabled learners.

Dr. Tran helped Leyla practice her interview so that she could show the admissions team why she was needed in their college, and figure out the best way for her to include her passions and background in her writings to maximize the pathos appeal of the admissions committee.

“I thought Columbia was out of my reach, due to my average GPA with a few B's and C's. Dr. Tran convinced me that Columbia would be a perfect fit for me, given the interdisciplinary education I looked for, its values and intercultural learning environment.”

Leyla was admitted to Colombia this year with a major in English and Special Education. Congratulations Leyla!


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