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Navigating College Waitlists

Decision day has passed, and with it the majority of stress of figuring out where you'll be going. However, for some students the waitlist email has hit their inbox, which begs the question, what now?


Accept the waitlist spot.

Receiving an email from colleges notifying you that you've been waitlisted is something lots of students face, you aren't alone in this feeling. It's a pivotal moment where you're presented with the opportunity to affirm your interest in remaining on the waitlist with the hopes of admission. Therefore, it's crucial to respond as soon as possible, indicating your acceptance of the waitlist while you navigate your next steps. Neglecting to acknowledge this email usually tells admissions of your disinterest, even if it isn't intentional. This can potentially lead the institution to shift their focus to other prospective students. Be sure to accept your spot on the waitlist quickly.

Consider your other options.

This is the time to start thinking of your other college options while you wait to see if you've been offered a seat in the class. Consider where else you have been accepted to, and the next steps of registering for courses and getting connected within the college. Staying proactive during this time is essential, because you can't wait until they offer or deny you a spot.

This is a great time to begin financial aid if you haven't already done so. Different colleges offer different scholarships or financial aid packages. Now is a great time to begin narrowing down what this will look like for you.

Reach out about your interest.

Expressing your interest in the college is a great way to get in the forefront of the admissions teams minds. One great way to do this is sending a letter of continued interest in light of your waitlist placing. This shows admissions you are still committed to their college, and still would love to attend. In this letter it is also completely acceptable to include recent achievements or academic notaries that would make you stand out more compared to other students.


College waitlists can be stressful, but we hope that this post helped you navigate them! Our consultants are always looking to help students get the best possible college acceptances they can. And we have a junior package too. Contact us to get started on building your course list that can help accelerate you into the college of your dreams!

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