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Student Andrew Y. Accepted to Stanford University

Andrew Y. was a stellar student, but he struggled differentiating himself from thousands of Asian applicants who show the same educational and extra-curricular credentials. Dr. Tran College Consulting helped him with the process of navigating the application of Stanford, standing out amongst his peers, and highlighting his strengths that made him unique.


Andrew graduated from a high school in San Francisco California, and had the dream of going to Stanford University. However, he faced a challenge that many students applying can probably relate to. Andrew had "a lot of the same accomplishments as my friends and thousands of Asian applicants: straight A’s, AP Scholar, perfect SAT, 4-year Math and Science Olympiads, Academic Team, violin and piano recitals, I also spend some of my time volunteering at hospitals and playing varsity tennis." Andrews resume was impeccable, but there was little differentiation between his application and everyone else who was applying to schools like him.

Through using Dr. Tran College Consulting, Andrew was able to get help in figuring out what makes him different from the rest of the crowd. Dr. Tran helped him with two key success factors:

The first, was demonstrating strong intellectual vitality in the unique study field of dictatorship in modern history. Andrews interests lied in history, Asian studies, and Entrepreneurship. Dr. Tran helped leverage these as differentiating factors to help Andrew stand out from fellow applicants.

The second key success factor was Andrews ability to be authentic in admissions interviews. Through interview prep with Dr. Tran, Andrew was able to be more relaxed and himself during his interview, leading to a further distinction from others because his personality was able to shine through.

Andrew says that "Dr. Tran helped me figure out what makes me different from everyone else. With his guidance, I highlighted the unique parts of my story and experiences. That’s what really helped me stand out and get into Stanford.” 


Sound like something you'd like to experience? Did you know our consultants are always looking to help students get the best possible college acceptances they can? And we have a junior package too. Contact us to get started on building your course list that can help accelerate you into the college of your dreams!

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